Now that I've gone to virtual tutoring full time, I wanted to create a "fun kit" of hands-on materials for my students to use during their tutoring sessions. Some of this is just to keep things novel and interesting with SO much screen time happening these days, but they can also be very helpful tools for students to have access to while they are learning online. So this can be helpful for tutors, teachers, and parents!

This video is 30 minutes because I also show different ways the materials can be used (reading and math), so I've put time stamps below if you want to hop around.

1:33 syllaboards and sentence boards (including a knock-off I made with cheap materials)

11:13 magnetic gel board

13:27 tactile surface boards (inexpensive!)

14:29 clipboard, dollar spot erasers, plastic chips

16:03 game kit and math box (total last minute purchase and I love it!!)

18:30 colored notebook paper

19:30 stickers

20:00 sticky notes

21:05 double-sided black and white board with WonderStix (Forgot to mention, WonderStix can be used on windows, too!!!)

25:00 Assembling the tutoring fun kits

Original Date: September 6, 2020