You've worked really hard with your students and you just received a huge confidence boost to your business- a testimonial. We all know how powerful this piece of social proof can be for you, your business, and future clients. So don't let that gold nugget sit somewhere in your email inbox or cloud storage collecting dust!

Testimonials are meant to be shared widely in a variety of ways. If you're trying to find creative ways to sprinkle a really rocking testimonial into your content, here are three places you *definitely* want to weave them in.

  1. On your website: If you have detailed and thoughtfully written testimonial, you can stick that in a few places on website. It can be in the "About Me" section at the very end, or it can be placed on a page where you share your offers and services. Consider using a different font or creating a styled image with a text overlay of the testimonial in Canva to make it really stand out.
  2. On a flyer: Those paper flyers are still a great way to grab future clients' attention! Place a testimonial at the very top of bottom. You can use the same styled image from your website on the flyer. Repurpose!
  3. On social media: That same styled image can get a lot of mileage. Use it as a post on social media, OR resize the image in Canva to create it as a Facebook cover photo for your business page.

Once you have a collection of a couple of testimonials, sprinkle them like confetti. And remember, it is totally OK to recycle old content on social media and repost something again.

Wishing you success as you collect testimonials for your business!