I was taking my daily walk the other day, listening to a business podcast, and as usually happens when the fresh air is swirling around- I started thinking of you all!

Actually, I think of you all A LOT. β πŸ˜‰β  But not in an awkward, wish she'd give us some space way, ha ha...

It's so wonderful to know that in our TSA family, there are so many different kinds of business owners with different goals and dreams-- and that they ALL are possible when you learn the skills to build a business.

It got me thinking...

What kind of tutoring business owner are you?


Plot twist...this is likely ALL of us! And as we explore different ways we want to show up in the world as a business owner, we are always still an educator at heart. But this also refers to those of us who work in a variety of classroom settings and work for others. But if you're reading this email, you've probably at least thought about one of the next stages.

⁠🍎 ⁠Private Educator

You are a private educator when you start working with students in some way outside of one of the traditional educator roles. You may be volunteering or charging for private services, but it may be something you are just starting to do "on the side". It's pretty casual-- you're helping how you can, you may accept payment, but you don't really have many systems or policies set up. If someone cancels, they cancel... no big deal. Staying small with a simple business is a perfect fit for where you are in life and how you want to help others.

⁠🍎⁠Small Business Owner

At this point, you are starting to look at the "big picture". You realize that things like cancellations affect your ability to help other families, your finances, and how your time is spent each week. Setting up basic policies, payment arrangements, and systems helps you show up for your families in a professional, organized way. You're tracking income and expenses, and while you always have your student's learning experience as the focal point, you also understand that you have a business to run. You see how your business life contributes to your personal life, and you are more intentional in how these business decisions affect your overall life and career goals. You understand that saying "yes" or "no" to a decision or opportunity can move you closer towards or further away from your overall life goals.

⁠🍎⁠Entrepreneur Educator

When you start to embody being an entrepreneur, you move from the day-to-day "running a business" and start to look at where your opportunities lie. You realize that you may be able to support families in a way that goes beyond your one-to-one services, and you start to think "outside of the box". You realize that opportunities are often disguised as challenges, and you can often see multiple ways to accomplish goals. You may start to think of how you can support more families by bringing on additional team members, creating resources that support families outside of your personalized support for that student through traditional tutoring, or provide learning support for parents and other educators though workshops, books, and trainings.

⁠🍎⁠C.E.O. of your Education Empire

At this stage, you likely have so many ideas for how you can make an impact that your challenge is to focus on your priorities and not splatter your time and attention everywhere. You realize that there is an ABUNDANCE of opportunities at any given time for you to share your talents and gifts, reach and serve more people, and that you can "puzzle" these opportunities together to create a business and life that is perfectly designed to help you accomplish your wildest dreams and goals- for your career, impact, and your lifestyle. You also need support in the form of learning how to up-level your skills and delegating some of the day-to-day tasks to allow you to operate in your zone of genius.

Now...these aren't real. I made them up!

But knowing which "lens" you look a yourself through may help you see why and how you make decisions.

And that's what we're going to talk about in our NEXT post. β πŸ“¨

So which one are YOU? Do you find yourself a combination of two?